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Worthwhile Blogs

Tim Ferriss – Most likely doesn’t need an introduction but best-selling author of 4 Hour Work Week/Body/Chef and biohacker extraordinaire. His podcasts are worthwhile too as he interviews famous and successful people and tries to extract what motivates them and sets them apart.

Paul Graham – Paul, co-founder of Y-Combinator, has one of the most fascinating blogs out there – discussing venture capital, human nature, trends, biases and more

Kevin Simler – Kevin’s blog, Melting Asphalt, is incredibly well written and covers a huge spectrum of topics from social status to religion. He takes a different perspective on some relatively common topics and it is fascinating.

Tim UrbanWait but Why? seems like a labor of love. Tim’s older posts are a bit goofy but I have found all worth reading. If you’re ready to tackle what is essentially a book in blog format, the 4 piece article on Elon Musk is fantastic.

Seth Godin – Best selling author, marketer, entrepreneur and public speaker sends out a short, daily blurb with some food for thought. Always quick and worthwhile

Shane Parrish – Entrepreneur and author sends out a weekly newsletter with fascinating insight into books, articles and other interesting reads. I have unashamedly adopted many of Farnam Street’s layout and goals. Imitation is the highest form of respect.

Maria Popova – Author and overall wisdom seeker, Maria sends out a weekly newsletter which also compiles and analyzes a mind-blowing number of books and articles. Her analysis is always fresh and beautifully written.

Kevin Rose – Entrepreneur mostly known for the founding of Digg, Kevin’s The Journal does a great job of compiling interesting videos, articles, tech breakthroughs, apps and more