Billion Dollar Lessons by Paul Carroll

Billion Dollar Lessons

  1. Paul Carroll discusses some of the biggest financial meltdowns in history to attempt to understand what these companies did wrong so that we can hopefully avoid them ourselves
Key Takeaways:
  1. Strategy Matters
  2. Seven Failure Patterns
    1. Illusion of Synergy
    2. Faulty Financial Engineering
    3. Deflated Roll-ups
    4. Staying the (misguided) course
    5. Misjudged adjacencies
    6. Fumbling technology
    7. Consolidation blues
  3. Why do bad strategies happen to smart people and good companies?
  4. Agree to disagree – really stressed the independent devil’s advocate to bring about new perspectives, insight, and to bring up new questions and not necessarily answers
What I got out of it:
  1. Interesting to see that a lot of these different companies who had dramatic collapses experienced many of the same faults and patterns. Definitely eye opening and good to know so that if some of these patterns are spotted, action can be taken quickly and effectively


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